This page will be the home of the XInput driver for the SuperPen serial port tablets.

I own a Superpen PP-6045 and decided that I would like to use it under my prefered operating system, Linux. Thus I have embarked on a project to support the UC-Logic Superpen serial port tablets.

UC-Logic has been extremely helpful and provided me with the serial port specifications for this tablet. Apparently all their serial port tablets speak this same protocol, so this will hopefully support many more tablets in the future.

Current Status

One user, one bug. :-) I found an issue which would have prevented it working with older versions of XFree than 4.1.0. That should be fixed, but I am unable to test. Please let me know of your success or failure!

New Driver (version 0.0.2) is here!

Also note that I've opened a SourceForge project and I will eventually move all my work Here.

Well, I've found that if I set Pmin to 2 and Pmax to 511 in the XF86Config file, pressure seems to work reasonably well. I've tested it with gsumi and it works, so it should work with The Gimp and any other application that uses the XInput architecture. Please let me know if you find this not to be the case.
What's Working:

What still needs work:


With the help of the Digital Edge driver I was able to get the Superpen driver hacked together within a few hours of my first compile! WO-HOO! Note that this driver is very, very alpha. I take no responsibility for any of my stupid mistakes that may fubar your system. If you use it, there's a partial XF86Config file in the archive which will show how to set it up. You may want to turn the debug value down to 0 if you don't want a huge logfile.
What's Working:

What still needs work:

If you make use of this driver, PLEASE drop me a line and let me know what your experience is like. Feel free to submit patches or anything else. I'm new at this and to be honest I haven't looked at more than 40% of the driver as it stands.

It appears that the XInput driver for the Aiptek Hyperpen 6000 is within 2 bytes of the protocol for Superpen tablets. I may be able to get it working in fairly short order...

I am still writing alpha1 of the driver. I have been able to decode the output of the tablet and make sense of the co-ordinate data, button data and pressure data.
Currently I am trying to work out what is necessary for me to implement the XInput architecture. There seems to be a lack of documentation on the issue, so I am using the Wacom tablet driver as a guide. I hope to be able to get basic co-ordinate input working this weekend.

Anyone who is interested in this driver or who has knowledge which may be of assistance is encouraged to Contact Me.

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Last Updated: 21/06/2001